Company Spotlight: Andrew Gorman (Summer Intern)

In May, we welcomed Andrew Gorman to the Lean Tech family for the summer. Andrew has contributed a lot to this team with really taking lead in helping us solidify our software development process. We asked Andrew to answer a few questions so that Thrive users could know a little more about him and his [...]

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Release Notes For September 2018

Release Notes for September 2018 New Features Part number now in public SDS quick search Real time updating of Checklists on Project Detail pages Easily create a desktop shortcut to Thrive with the click of a button New export feature that allows quick downloading of very large data sets as .CSV Easy copying of requisitions [...]

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Release Notes For May 2018

Release Notes for May 2018 Updates Spare Parts in Maintenance updated to Thrive V3 Spare Parts now includes the ability to add a list of related equipment A new project follow-up / assignment updated notification has been added in notifications Users Accounts and Roles are now up-to-date on Thrive Version 3 Equipment Planned Maintenance can [...]

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Release Notes For April 2018

Release Notes for April 2018 Updates Security enhancements for V3 providing more robust security administration Equipment pages migrated to latest version of  V3 Employee picture upload capability Equipment photo section update Improvements Goal Board Issues Time Stamp now reflects client time zone (applicable where Thrive server located in a different time zone from users) "Sent" [...]

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Release Notes For March 2018

Release Notes for March 2018 Updates Project Follow-Up page now automatically opens when being viewed from an e-mail link Project Management: All Task Items page recognizes new assignment types when they are added Assignments show Open and Complete items (filtering out Closed items) In Form Security, the Default Value allows for more characters (longer default [...]

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