Process Gaps?

[fivecol_two] [/fivecol_two] [fivecol_three_last] [button link="" color="teal"]Maintenance[/button]Thrive Contains a Full CMMS - Cost justify with this module alone…remember no user fees [ilink url=""]Pricing Info[/ilink] [button link="" color="teal"]Reporting[/button]Easy-to-Use Reporting Across All Areas - Personalized Dashboards and reports are easy to share [button link="" color="teal"]Quality[/button]Gain Control of Your Shopfloor Quality - You will make your quality team happy and drive [...]

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Personal Portal

Personal Portal Each user can log into the Thrive system individually. Once logged in, you can view your personalized page called "My Thrive" which includes company and department announcements, calendars, project timelines, work schedules and more. The personalized home page keeps each individual informed of events and information from the company-wide level down to an [...]

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Value separation

How do you as an individual, “be different”?  As a company?  How do you create value that stands out from others providing your services?  And if your services fall in the same category as others, you must not be different, right?  Shouldn’t you then be in your own category? Catching up on some blog reading, [...]

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Heads up, your business may be drowning

My friend Sam Duregger (@duregger) pointed me to an article about the obsessive-ness people have developed with their smartphones. The article opens with a story about a man who was so engaged with his smartphone he didn’t notice the bathtub water he was filling for his daughter was overflowing onto the floor.  Why is this [...]

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Jakob Nielsen on Agile/Lean

Today’s Alertbox on discusses how Agile software development is improving the focus on user experiences, and provides summary data showing the internal organizational satisfaction with the methodology. Here’s the data: Project Methodology Integration of User Experience Satisfaction with the Method Waterfall 2.5 2.9 Agile 3.1 3.7 Iterative 3.2 3.8 What is this saying?  Responses [...]

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Need a robust process? How about starting with a checklist

robust [roh-buhst]: strongly or stoutly built. checklist [chek-list]: a list of items. Struggling to create a process that produces a quality end product every time? Something as simple as a checklist may be your starting point.  It apparently has worked for hotels.  If you’ve heard about Peter Pronovost, then you’ll know the value it has [...]

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More Lean in Iowa Government

Is Iowa the only state with a concerted, identified effort to improved quality, cost, and service, even having a “Lean Day Proclomation”?  Just read a post from Jamie Flinchbaugh on Mark Graban’s blog.  Jamie will be speaking at the Lean Government Exchange in June in Des Moines, IA.  Glad to see Iowa government continuing to [...]

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Things are looking up: a Friday roundup

Seems to me that “Depression 2.0” never happened, and probably isn’t likely to. On the Forbes DigitalRules blog, Twenty Reasons for Optimism. On the Value Acceleration blog, Mitch has noticed busy airports and cities. And what’s fueling the turn around?  Innovative people like Jeremy Parker, who’s story is told on Mark Cuban’s blog. I like [...]

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Problem Solving 101

Dan Roam of "The Back of the Napkin Blog" discusses a new book on his blog called Problem Solving 101 by Ken Watanabe.  The book was originally written in Japanese, but after great success in Japan there is now an English version selling in the US.  Here's a brief snippet from the book's web site: [...]

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