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Spreadsheet Chaos?

[fivecol_two] http://youtu.be/gPc70ICaI7g https://youtu.be/Vsppc1ntZq4 https://youtu.be/k8jQH3geLCQ [/fivecol_two][fivecol_three_last]     Panicked Employee to IT: "I have lost my Excel document….can you recover it?" Hopeful Leader: "I think we are doing well, but I will know for sure when we get the numbers at the end of the month." Puzzled Employee to Boss: "I know I updated the graph with the [...]

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E.R.P. Pain?

[fivecol_three] Thrive is not an ERP.  It complements your ERP  to accomplish your shopfloor goals! Thrive vs. an ERP? An ERP is designed to manage financial data while Thrive is designed to manage your shopfloor processes. We like to say the ERP tracks the money and Thrive helps make the money. We are shopfloor people who designed a [...]

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Process Gaps?

[fivecol_two] https://youtu.be/--uwZ5ITo6k http://youtu.be/a-HPraN9Ks8 [/fivecol_two] [fivecol_three_last] [button link="http://www.leantech.com/maintenance/" color="teal"]Maintenance[/button]Thrive Contains a Full CMMS - Cost justify with this module alone…remember no user fees [ilink url="http://www.leantech.com/pricing-options/"]Pricing Info[/ilink] [button link="http://www.leantech.com/reporting/" color="teal"]Reporting[/button]Easy-to-Use Reporting Across All Areas - Personalized Dashboards and reports are easy to share [button link="http://www.leantech.com/quality/" color="teal"]Quality[/button]Gain Control of Your Shopfloor Quality - You will make your quality team happy and drive [...]

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