Release Notes For April 2018

Release Notes for April 2018 Updates Security enhancements for V3 providing more robust security administration Equipment pages migrated to latest version of  V3 Employee picture upload capability Equipment photo section update Improvements Goal Board Issues Time Stamp now reflects client time zone (applicable where Thrive server located in a different time zone from users) "Sent" [...]

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Release Notes For March 2018

Release Notes for March 2018 Updates Project Follow-Up page now automatically opens when being viewed from an e-mail link Project Management: All Task Items page recognizes new assignment types when they are added Assignments show Open and Complete items (filtering out Closed items) In Form Security, the Default Value allows for more characters (longer default [...]

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Release Notes For February 2018

Release Notes for February 2018 Updates Drop down menus now feature alternating color-coding for improved item distinction Link handling logic now routes a user to their intended destination if already logged into Thrive Ability to quickly clear inactive employees from the Skills Matrix Faster administrative control panel performance Hazard and Precautionary statements now available on [...]

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Release Notes For January 2018

Release Notes for January 2018 Updates Attribute Data added to calibration group Up and Down keyboard arrow keys can now be used for navigation when entering multiple readings in Calibrations Data point numbering now appears when multiple calibration readings are taken at one point Custom pick lists now have the ability to add items directly [...]

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Release Notes For December 2017

Release Notes for December 2017 Updates Calibration Certificate Added to Thrive Version 3 A single part can now be used with multiple locations in a Task Set. An Assignment's project description is now displayed if no other description is provided (formerly displayed as "[No Summary]") Multiple reading locations can now listed when setting up Gage Calibration [...]

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Release Notes For November 2017

Release Notes for November 2017 Updates Filters can now be shared globally amongst administrators Visible calendar notes now appear on the calendar for approved time off requests Notifications can filter by named event, such as for Project Assignments or Project Approvals Email formatting enhancement for discussions. Templates can also be used for other emails and notifications [...]

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We Thrive. ASSA ABLOY EMS in Phoenix

At Lean Technologies, we are focused on solving customer problems and providing year over year value to client organizations. One such client is ASSA ABLOY where we work with a number of the North America sites. Although the name ASSA ABLOY may not yet be a household name in North America, you are likely to [...]

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Release Notes October 2017

Release Notes for October 2017 New Features Beta Version of KPI Tracking Tool to provide KPI metrics for daily trending, with an eye towards expanded functionality and customization in the future Updates Added on screen communication about how Next Start Date is used on PMs and Task Sets Now preventing users from double clicking quick [...]

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