At LeanTech, we recently signed up for Office 365 (as a side note, I didn’t think I’d find myself back in Office products…was trying to go all in with Google apps, but it’s really turned out to be a great experience…except for OneDrive for Business, which is a complete mess).  Kale was working on getting some things setup in our O365 environment and was looking at the online documentation and encountered this:


Gotta love the honesty here:

The box might be tricky to grab, and moving it might take you a few times.

As it turns out, it was impossible to grab.  Kale never got it.  But at least they were up front about it.

So in the spirit of being up front…Thrive has never had great documentation.  Thankfully, we’ve had very patient and understanding users.  However, we’re working on turning that around.  You can begin finding it here:  Looking for help on something you’re not finding on the docs site?  Drop us a note.  We’re working on improving panel 6 of this comic: