Thrive is not an ERP.  It complements your ERP  to accomplish your shopfloor goals!

Thrive vs. an ERP?

  1. An ERP is designed to manage financial data while Thrive is designed to manage your shopfloor processes.
    • We like to say the ERP tracks the money and Thrive helps make the money. We are shopfloor people who designed a very useful software tool to help create a lean manufacturing culture and save money.
    • Thrive was built on Microsoft ASP.NET architecture and SQL Server database. Thrive links to SQL Servers.  We currently link with Epicor, JD Edwards, Oracle and others.
    • Thrive is web-based and mobile-friendly. It requires little hand-holding. Everything from installation to usage on the floor is simplified so you can spend less time learning software and more time making profitable decisions.
  2. Simplified Pricing: ONE price, ALL of your users. [ilink url=”https://leantech.com/pricing-options/”]Pricing Info[/ilink]

Learn more about how Thrive will add value:
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