Can can be a great fit for all different size companies.  We have Thrivers from companies with under 100 people all the way to billion dollar corporations.  Here is why it fits all sizes…when you are small you do not have many human resources to drive process documentation tools or crunch data.  So you might not track quality nonconformances (as an example), but you know within your smaller team what your issues are to fix.  As you grow your ability to know what issues are costing you money becomes harder to know and your processes harder to manage.  Most companies at this point hire a leader to oversee the quality program.  The leader understands they need tools to help them see data and make decisions.  So they start having their team track information in Excel or maybe they go buy a process specific software.  This works well and the organization gains visibility to their data, makes changes and drives improvements.  Since it worked well and they are growing, they do the same thing with their safety program and maintenance program and continuous improvement program…you get the idea.  The problem then changes as now they have data being tracked in 4 or 14 software systems, none of them interact with each other, they have different reporting tools and dashboards, you wish the cool features from one would be on the others…you know what we are talking about.  So as a small company if you started off with Thrive and grew into the modules as it fits your priorities, Thrive will streamline your operations now and in 5 years.  If you are a large company, you will cost justify the entire purchase of Thrive usually with the use of only one module and then have the other Thrive tools (for example Leader Standard Work) to leverage as needed later.  You also have the whole Thrive platform that allows for systems integration on your industry 4.0 journey or the opportunity for additional custom process to be added.  Talk to our customers to verify this!  Check out some of the testimonials on our Videos page to hear from different sizes of businesses and the value Thrive brings.