I suffer from a problem.  I love learning.  And I love learning about anything.  Which puts me in the over-used category of "jack of all trades, master of none."  My knowledge probably generally goes very wide instead of deep.  At least not as deep as I would like.

I love programming and solving peoples’ problems with software solutions.  That’s why I’m in the business I’m in.  I love learning about marketing and sales.  I love learning about better lean manufacturing practices.  And now learning about those in practices in healthcare.  I love learning about the latest technologies.  The latest business trends.  I wish I had time to learn more.  There’s just not enough time to soak in all the good stuff that’s out there.

Here is some of the good stuff I read:

On business: Tom Peters

On sales: Bill Caskey (although really I listen to his podcasts more than read his blog)

On lean: Evolving Excellence, Get Lean and Prosper, Lean Blog

On technology and trends and more: Guy Kawasaki

On marketing: David Armano

I suppose I should add a "blog roll" on my page that includes these…seems to be the common way to give props to your favorite blogs.