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One toolbox. All the tools. Get started with Thrive®.


Get ready to be spoiled.

We’re not saying you’ll turn into a bunch of whining, wanting children. We’re saying your work will be so streamlined, so easy to input, oversee and communicate, that you won’t know how to work without it. After all, no one knew how valuable a hammer would be until they switched out their rock for one.

An affordable investment.

You’re probably thinking, “Yeah right. I’ve seen this song and dance before. How much is it going to cost us?” But in fact, you’ll find with the Thrive price structure, you will be buying value and never paying a cent more for headaches. Sure, the price can increase if you need massive customization — but we set you up with the know-how to adjust the system on your own. Plus we never charge more for things like additional user licenses or software upgrades. You and all members of your team will have access to the latest and greatest.

Invest in your operations.

What’s the catch, you’re wondering? Heck, there’s no catch. We think pricing should be straightforward and right out in the open. If you have questions, just ask us.


  • All Thrive® modules included
  • Hosted at your site
  • Annual service agreement – Free first year and then 15% of current software price
  • Free upgrades (unlimited)
  • Unlimited users
  • Thrive® webinar access
  • A spot at the table as we design new features
  • On-site training – OPTIONAL (quote)
  • Data transfer – OPTIONAL (quote)
  • ERP Integration – OPTIONAL (quote)


  • All Thrive® modules included
  • Hosted by Lean Technologies
  • Annual service included in monthly fee
  • Free upgrades (unlimited)
  • Unlimited users
  • Thrive® webinar access
  • A spot at the table as we design new features
  • On-site training – OPTIONAL (quote)
  • Data transfer – OPTIONAL (quote)
  • ERP Integration – Not Available

Custom orders.

Thrive has all the bells and whistles you need to manage your shop floor, but maybe you need it to clap and snap too. The powerful Thrive platform is easy to customize. And while you can quickly learn how to make most of the adjustments on your own, our team of Thrive experts can work with you to do any major moving and shaking. Contact us to talk specifics, and we’ll get you a quote.

Thrive for Life:

Unlimited users.  All modules.  Version upgrades.

Current Thrivers

Thrive has enabled us to get aligned, shed several disconnected applications and eliminate wasteful administrative tasks. This software provides simple solutions.

Kevin Lillo
VP of Manufacturing, Intek

The investment in tools like Thrive for a common communication platform is evidence of the organization’s commitment to “….a dedicated focus on continual improvement” as stated in your Quality Policy.

ISO Audit Feedback

This software helps control and keeps track of: Nonconformances, preventive maintenance, calibration, gage check-out and check-in, training, audits – you name it.

Quality Assurance Team
The Specialty Manufacturing Co.

Thrive creates a common repository for process, and organizational information. Where Thrive really adds value, however, is its flexible and highly intuitive nature. These attributes allow end users at all levels to turn information that’s important to them into actionable information.

Dave Swenson, CRMP
Process Reliability

Having a common hub to capture critical information and to report real-time results that are relevant for making decisions and driving improvement across our entire organization— that’s the strength of Thrive. It’s making it easy to get to the data that’s important to you when you need it so you can use that information to target improvement opportunities, prioritize action, and measure the results.

Fred Earley
Senior EH&S Manager, Global Compliance Assurance, Vermeer Corporation