David Armano has an excellent post on "micro-interactions" with customers on his blog.  I am often amazed how companies and/or people do not realize the impact their encounter with you, even a small encounter, will have on gaining your trust for further interactions.

My friend recently took a coupon to a franchise restaurant to buy his family a meal "to-go".  Although the coupon was valid for each paying customer, they would not honor the coupon because the rest of his family was not present (they were at the park waiting for Dad to bring the food).  My friend proceeded to cancel his order and will now not be eating there ever again.  Should remind you, on a smaller scale, of the Disney story above (go read it if you haven’t already).

On the positive side of things, I always take my car to Pella Car Care.  Why?  Because every time I call, they know when I’m calling what cars I drive…when I have my car serviced, they take detailed pictures of what they saw as they repaired my car and explain the service they have provided…and they smile when I walk through the door!