• Improvements to the Device page. (4/1)


  •  In the task / audit section of a project page, when reviewing a range item, the expected range is now displayed. (4/23)


  • If the “checked out” checkbox was hidden in form security, a checked out gage could not be checked in from the gage detail page. (4/9)
  • A3 Log assignments were not being purged when the parent A3 log record was deleted. One time removal of detached A3 assignments. (4/9)
  • A3 ID Link fixed. (4/16)


  • User Accounts – prevent active directory username field from being duplicated between user accounts. (4/16)
  • Fixed database error message related to CI event that was returned when attempting to update the Site ID. (4/16)


  • Fixed an issue where public documents could not be downloaded unless you were logged in. (4/1)
  • Issue where the user settings page would become unresponsive under a specific set of circumstances has been resolved. (4/23)
  • Fixed issue where CDT manage fields link would not load in certain case. (4/23)
  • Fixed an issue where deleting an attachment could result in all attachments in the same directory being deleted. (4/30)

Project Management

  • Improvements to image markup / annotation tool. (4/16)



  • Dashboard Filters – The BETA release of dashboard filters is available. Dashboard filters are filtering tools that sit at the top of a dashboard and can automatically filter all the reports on the dashboard by changing just the dashboard filter setting. Contact for help setting up a use case.

Human Resources

  • Excel export added to curriculum matrix. (4/23)
  • Improvements and styling added to curriculum matrix (4/30)
  • Classes – Added Text formatted user defined fields (4/30)


  • Device integration can now automatically update Meter values to drive PM generation and trending. (4/9)
  • Added API Client page to give users the ability to create devices through the API. (4/9)
  • Azure Active Directory integration now available. (4/16)


  • Added more User Defined Date and Number fields to the Safety Incident form. (4/9)
  • User Defined Date Fields now support various forms of Date and Time – format is controlled in form security. (4/9)


  • Add search feature to Equipment Types list. (4/9)