Major Release Notes/Prerequisites for 2020 Updates:

  • Must install V3.0.2019.1227 prior to any 2020 update
  • Application Server must have .NET 4.8 installed (requires server reboot)
  • IIS must have URL Rewrite 2.0 installed



  • Added Hold filter to Activities tree and improved filter logic. (8/14)
  • Menu and Form Security changes to create better alignment between the Module and Form ordering (8/28)


  • Gages – Added related job search field (8/28)


  • You can now add a part directly from the part selection picklist when adding Equipment Spares or when creating a new Work Order both under Maintenance, or when adding a new line item in Requisitions. (8/14)

Continuous Improvement

  • Goal Boards (Hr by Hr) – Added a new feature to Thrive that allows users to set up a recurring schedule for goal boards that will automatically start the goal board. This is currently a BETA feature with limited/basic functionality that allows both Flexible and Schedule goal board types to be started automatically at the desired time each day or week. User feedback is welcome at (8/28)


  • Various improvements to Notifications (8/7)

Reports / Dashboards

  • New options to show/hide the trend formula and show/hide quick filters on the dashboard (8/21)



  • Prevent errors if attachment file name or web address includes “invalid” characters (e.g. tab, space, ?, *) (8/7)
  • Task History tab in task detail within audits and task would apply user selected filter from task list page. (8/14)
  • When choosing column layout in a grid, the layout page now shows the current named view being displayed. (8/14)
  • In the latest version of Chrome, user preferences saved in a browser cookie may not get updated causing the latest user preferences not to be retained. (8/14)
  • Quick search fields were not correctly showing fields in Custom Data Tracking (8/21)

Continuous Improvement

  • Leader Standard Work – Previously there was an error (appeared as though selections were shifting by one day) for users in time zones west of US Central Time. Databinding on Leader Standard Work Items now accounts for all timezone offsets. (8/28)


  • Notifications
    • Fixed issue where Field-Based notifications would not work if updated. (notifications set to trigger when specific information/fields are updated/created) (8/28)
    • Sometimes when updating an existing notification, an error about an existing trigger would be encountered. (8/28)


  • Gages – calibrations were not showing up on the list when the status was NULL (8/28)


  • Project detail page may not load due to missing reference. (8/14)


  • Filtering on reports sometimes threw an error when attempting to provide suggested values when searching (8/7)
  • Chart label decimals now match tooltip decimals (8/7)
  • In reports, fixed issue where auto filter may occasionally show values from other picklists. (8/14)
  • Added utility to return a text based result of the difference between two date fields/values – DateDiffInText (8/21)