• Fixed Bootstrap Icons that were not properly resolving if thrive was installed in a sub directory. (8/5)
  • Help Docs not loading properly unless clicked multiple times (8/26)
  • Fixed issues with scheduled background processes that were skipped when prior process were running long (8/26)


  • Parts – Fixed issue where Part record was being saved without any SITE relationships. Removed Check All sites option as all available sites default to checked. (8/26)


  • Small change to Floating PM date next start when next scheduled date is earlier than anticipated (because the floating PM was completed ahead of schedule). (8/5)
  • Fixed issue with PM generation when using the Skip Months option (8/19)

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Fixed an issue where having multiple quick filters would not properly filter the reports down on a dashboard. (8/5)
  • Correct the ability to open then Equipment and Part Inspection dashboards. (8/5)
  • Assigned folders for the Equipment and Part Inspection dashboard reports if they were missing or incorrect. (8/5)
  • Fixed issue with stack column chart labeling where data sets did not have the same number of columns (8/26)


  • Fixed issue where Task Items were hidden on page regardless of security (8/5)


  • Notification Emails – Fixed issue where if large volumes of email need to be sent (1000+), sometimes some of the messages would end up sending more than once. (8/5)
  • If message has an invalid email address, avoid trying to send it more than once. (8/5)
  • If message subject was too long, it could stop any additional messages from sending. (8/5)
  • Fixed color coding on document control (8/12)


  • Meters – Improved performance of the Device driven meter updates (8/26)


  • Safe Operating Procedures – Fixed issue with length of equipment number field (8/19)

Continuous Improvement

  • Goal Boards – Fixed issue where color coding on the timer field in the list view was not initialized properly after using the Change Production process (8/12)



  • Document Control folders now have a “copy link” feature that copies a link to that folder structure and filters it down to only those items. (8/5)
  • Added Review Frequency/Cycle to Document Control. Users can now set a review frequency and when the document is approved or submit for change, the next review date will automatically populate. (8/5)

Continuous Improvement

  • Goal Boards – Added a timer to display the time since initiated on the Andon banner (8/26)
  • Goal Board – Changed the name of the filter list item from “Live” to “Last 5 Minutes” to be more descriptive (8/26)


  • Requisitions – Improved the copy feature process to provide more options and to ensure vendor validation when creating the new record (8/19)
  • Requisitions – There is now a setting on the Site Detail page to allow requisitions to be automatically completed when all lines have been received. (8/26)