User Settings – Spanish

  • Expanded Spanish Translations (On Going)

Human Resources

  • Training Certifications – Added Employee Manager and Employee Shift to layout (Dec 13)
  • Training – Training attendees can now be added by manager (Dec 13)


Reporting & Dashboards

  •  Update redirect from old reporting format to new report format for pre-existing reports/links (Dec 13)
  •  Corrected error where certain Group Names could cause an error (Dec 13)
  •  Corrected an intermittent issue with attempting to re-name column/field headings on the text portion of the report (Dec 13)
  • Reports created using the templates “Project Assignments by Location” or similar for each reporting module contained an incorrect join statement which could have resulted in unexpected/incorrect results in the report. The templates and all reports with the matching table definitions are fixed with this update (12/27)

General / Admin

  •  Improved error handling and messages for unplanned events (Dec 13)
  •  Update the user account setup screen so that Thrive password is not visible when selecting the Active Directory login option (Dec 13)
  •  Fixed Calendar not loading properly/fully (Dec 20)
  • Removed a Company configuration setting that would cause the menu to appear incorrectly at times. (12/27)

Continuous Improvement

  •  Goal Board – When goal board was set to display “Run Rate” instead of “Qty”, occasionally the target job quantity would display “0” instead of the actual quantity (Dec 20)
  •  Goal Board – Clicking “Change Shift” twice on a goal board would cause a duplicate goal board to be created (Dec 20)
  •  CI Events – Now assigning a default Status value to CI Events and correcting the display text for the status on the Event detail page (Dec 20)


  • Customer – Fixed an issue where non-admin users were not able to view the customer detail page (Dec 13)