Reports and Dashboards

  • Improved dashboard layout control – fixed issue with reports “falling off the screen” on dashboards during drag and drop (12/17)

Document Control

  • Revision number can now be set when creating a new document. (12/3)
  • Various document control updates.  (12/3)


  • When setting up reason codes, reason code 2 can now be the same as reason code 1. (12/3)


  • When completing a project resulting from downtime, the reason for outage fields were not being updated when clicking complete if the values were changed.  (12/3)

Task / Audits

  • Updates for task / audit item ordering. (12/3)
  • Fixed issue when editing task locations where updating equipment either would not save or would throw an error. (12/3)


  • Fixed issue with Timed Notifications where on rare occasions more than one email would be generated from the same record (12/17)


  • Fixed issues with “tree views” that prevented using the same value on more than one node level (12/17)
  • Expanded width of tree view entry box for better visibility (12/17)



Continuous Improvement

  • Leader Standard Work – Fixed an issue where the items in LSW would not display in the correct sequence you then them in (12/30)

Human Resources

  • Added EmployeeID and ManagerID to the Curriculum Matrix (previously had full name only) (12/30)

Part Inspection

  • A new feature with tools for setting up part attributes and inspection entry screen and charts (12/17)


  • Project categories can now be set to appear or be hidden for project requests (12/17)

Document Control

  • Added search and advanced search feature to document control list.  (12/3)


  • Added Vendor to the app store (12/17)

Help Docs

  • Launch Pads
  • Part Inventory (On-Hand Inventory)
  • Inventory Receiving
  • Manufacturers
  • Vendors
  • Menu / Launch Pad Favorites
  • Custom Data Tracking (CDT)
  • Part Category
  • Unit of Measure (UOM)
  • Andon (Goal Boards)
  • CI Codes (Goal Boards)
  • Assignments
  • Requisitions, Approval Routing, Approval Roles, Ordering Accounts
  • Security Roles
  • Form Security
  • User Accounts