Major Release Notes/Prerequisites for 2020 Updates:

  •  Must install V3.0.2019.1227 prior to any 2020 update
  • Application Server must have .NET 4.8 installed (requires server reboot)
  • IIS must have URL Rewrite 2.0 installed


Human Resources

  • Employee Types page has been updated to V3 (2/21)
  • Documentation Codes page has been updated to V3 (2/21)
  • Termination Codes page has been updated to V3 (2/21)


  • Document Types page has been updated to V3 (2/21)
  • Company Links page has been updated to V3 (2/21)
  • Documentation Codes page has been updated to V3 (2/21)


Continuous Improvement

  • Goal Boards – Fixed color issue when using Run Rate and Percentage for the color range. (2/14)

Custom Data Tracking

  • If a CDT grid has a calculated column, adding or editing records now works without receiving an error. (2/7)
  • Custom Data Tracking fields with drop down items, table look ups, or default timestamp did not get converted during the prior update of Custom Data Tracking tools. This update will run one time to correct previously converted CDT forms and any conversions that take place with this update. (2/21)
  • Site is now a pre-defined custom lookup (2/28)
  • Standard lookups have been added (Site, Active Employees, Active Users) (2/28)


  • In Parts, when automatic part numbering is enabled, the next part number is maintained separately by site. (2/7)
  • In Parts, performing advanced searches from the list view and then opening a part no longer causes errors on the detail page. (2/7)
  • When opening up a Vendor, the contact list now shows only contacts for that vendor and the “missing column” error no longer appears when trying to add a contact. (2/28)


  • Added DefaultStatus and InputRequired fields to flow through when copying a task item.  (2/21)

Human Resources

  •  Performance issues with Training Certification Dates (Training Due) and the Curriculum Matrix screens. (2/28)


  • When using a custom list in form security, editing the list will not change the way list items appear on a page, especially if it has been customized. (2/7)
  • In form security, permissions can now be set for the job history grid on the job code page. (2/7)
  • Changing the authentication type from anything else to “Active Directory” and then clicking save would result in the page crashing when clicking save or cancel. The authentication type can now be set to Active Directory without experiencing the error.(2/28)


  • When creating filters ( in reports, notifications, or grids), if the filter used “contains”, “does not contain”, ‘begins with”, or “ends with” and the results included line breaks, incorrect results were returned. (2/21)
  • If a file didn’t have a standard content type (txt, zip, pdf, etc) then an error would occur upon uploading an attachment. (2/21)
  • Fixed an issue when a notification was set up with criteria that included “OR” criteria but did not include grouping (parentheses). (2/28)
  • When using a different language, date formatting is now displaying properly on the scheduling window. (2/28)


  • Integer columns no longer show decimal places by default  (2/21)
  • Reporting charts now have the option to display a trendline (2/21)
  • Report drill-down and printing is now working correctly. (2/28)