Major Release Notes/Prerequisites:

  •  Must install V3.0.2019.1227 prior to any 2020 update
  • Application Server must have .NET 4.8 installed (requires server reboot)
  • IIS must have URL Rewrite 2.0 installed


  • More Spanish translations throughout Thrive (1/10)

Custom Data Tracking (CDT)

  • Custom Data Tracking has been updated to Version 3. The latest version includes (1/17)
    • improved search/sort/filter tools
    • ability to share ownership of the form
    • can link CDT fields to any table/field
    • can use form security to rename CDT fields for better viewing on grid, reports, etc
    • can use the Thrive report builder to create reports on CDT data

Human Resources

  • Training Certification Dates – An employee now can be “opted out” of future scheduled training classes via either the Training Certifications Dates or Classes pages. (1/17)
  • Curriculum / Job Codes – The Job Code page now allows for linking to a Training Curriculum so that employees with a specified Job Code will automatically be added to the Curriculum list (1/24)
  • Job Codes – The Job Code page now has an additional grid that shows active employees in that particular job code (1/31)


  • Manufacturers page has been updated to V3. (1/17)


  • The OSHA reporting requirements now include Employer Identification Number (EIN) for “covered employer”. EIN has been added to the OSHA 300A Setup and the CSV export to match the OSHA electronic reporting upload template. (1/17)



  • Custom Data Tracking- Allow security administrators to have full rights to CDT shared users. (1/31)
  • Custom Data Tracking – Fixed an issue where a user might experience either a “Restricted Access” or “Page could not be displayed due to error” after opening a different CDT item. (1/31)


  • Training – Fixed issue where training sign up would error when the Class hours field was blank (1/3)
  • Links (such as Notification links) linked to corrective actions were failing to route properly (1/10)

Human Resources

  • Curriculum- Inactive Employees no longer appear in curriculum attendees. (1/31)
  • Curriculum – Added Manager Name to curriculum grid. This enables you to export the grid and have access to the manager’s name instead of their employee number. (1/31)

Continuous Improvement

  •  Goal Boards – Corrected issue with red/green colors on goal boards when the color was dependent on displaying the target rate (as opposed to quantity) and displaying the target for the day (as opposed to the current job/run) (1/3)


  • Purchased Parts: The Part Usage tab on the Purchased Parts details page did not contain any column headings in the default layout which could give the appearance of no usage records. Added a default layout to ensure user would see records, but the user can still change their layout (1/10)


  • Reports based on the report template “CI Event Follow-Up Homework” should not error out anymore. (1/17)
  • Standard printable reports performance have been improved. (1/17)
  • Report totals are now functioning properly when using the {{CurrentUser} filter (1/31)
  • Fixed issue where summary information (totals) did not display on grid if the “Toggle Shorten Text” option was unchecked. (1/31)


  • Form Security – Default values for Spanish language setting was not updating/saving/displaying properly (1/24)