• CSS: Bootstrap Icons now show up in V3 Theme. (7/29)


  • Moved Site Numbers to main Site Details page (previously in a separate tab)
  • Notifications: Fixed handling of bit based trigger notifications. (7/29)

Menu & Launchpads

  • Launchpad – Fixed issue where you could not delete launchpad row when editing layout (7/1)

Reporting and Dashboards

  • Fixed issue where reports could not be dragged and dropped onto standard dashboards (dashboards included in Thrive by default) (7/1)

Project Management

  • Audits/Tasks/Projects – Fixes an issue where performing an audit would throw an error when using commas with range values. The validation was incorrectly parsing values with commas in them. (7/1)
  • Updated date field controls so that format can be controlled by users via form security (7/1)
  • Project Time Tracking – Fixed error in Spanish mode (7/8)
  • Tasks: Added ability to add/manage notifications for individual task items. (7/29)


  • Part Classes – Updated the part classes set up page (7/1)


  • Improved notification templates when accessed from grid toolbar options (7/1)

Continuous Improvement

  • Goal Board Scheduler – Fixed issue on goal board scheduler page when saving without a Device (7/8)


  • Monnit MINE Server – Changed Start/Stop process to be server side http call instead of client side. Resolves CORS errors on some systems. (7/15)


  • Scrap/Defect – When converting a defect/scrap record to a NCR, the NCRType list now follows the Site specific list (7/22)
  • A3Log – When converting an A3 record to a NCR, the NCRType list now follows the Site specific list (7/22)


  •  SOP – The Safe Operating Procedures Section Header now hides when all fields in section are set to hidden (7/29)


Menu & Launchpads

  • Inventory – Added Part Class setup list to menu (7/1)
  • App Store – Added CI events to the app store (7/1)


  • Equipment – New Dashboard summary link on Equipment Detail page (7/1)


  • Part Inspection – New dashboard summary link on the Part Inspection page (7/1)


  • OSHA 300A – New printable OSHA report

Help Docs

  • Form Security – Information on new pages for viewing security permissions (7/22)

Project Management (Applies to all project modules)

  • Project Requests – When a Project Request with an associated Task Set (PM/Audit) is approved, the Task information (attachments, assignments, checklists, etc) is copied to the approved Project (7/22)
  • Task (includes PM and Audit) – Added new field for Master Project association (may need to make visible in Form Security) (7/22)

Continuous Improvements

  • Goal Board – Users can now update the Device field on the Info and Edit Production screens on an active goal board (7/22)
  • Goal Board – The Issues tab on the Goal Board Info page now allows issues/downtime to be edited (7/22)
  • Goal Board – Added a new option checkbox to Require Goal Board Users to select an SMS recipient for Andons (when SMS recipient exists) (7/22)