Continuous Improvement

  • In Leader Standard Work, it is now clearer that a note exists on an item.  Hovering over the note icon will not show the note. (10/8)
  • When deleting a Leader Standard Work, an error message might have appeared. (10/22)
  • Updates made to improve Leader Standard Work when using in multiple languages. (10/22)

Human Resources

  • When adding employees to training either individually, by department, or by manager, inactive employees have now been filtered out of the lists. (10/8)

Project Management

  • In Project Time Tracking, the employee filter may not have been displaying all employees. (10/8)
  • Improved performance for opening the page when creating a new master project. (10/8)
  • For all Project/Work Order pages, fixed issue where the SAVE button was disabled after saving the Task Items (10/15)

Custom Data Tracking

  • When creating a column for “Users (Active)”, not all users might show up due to site security. Moving to a non-site based lookup table. (10/15)


  • Skip Logic Enhancements and Improvements. (10/8) & (10/22)
  • Notifications Improvements. (10/8)
  • Launchpads – make sure company links open in new window when clicked. (10/8)
  • Help Docs – Ensure help icon showing up and added help docs icon to more pages. (10/8)


Document Control

  • Documents can now be created, uploaded, and revision controlled in Thrive!  Features include the ability to check out and revise documents, upload documents, and configure security to control who can view and approve revisions.  Check it out in under the Company menu section in Thrive. (10/22)

Help Docs

  • New Help Docs and Videos for Reporting (10/15)


  • Part Specifications tab added to manufactured part detail page. (10/8)

Project Management

  • Fiscal String Field added to All Task Items to allow for filtering on fiscal period. (10/8)
  • For all project requests lists, the last status selections in the filter will be remembered the next time the page is visited. (10/8)


  • Updated, Improved, and lighter-weight, visuals. (10/8)
  • New, cleaner design for login screen!  If your login screen is currently customized, you will still have your existing screen.  (10/29)