RELEASE NOTES FOR September 2019



  • Added the ability to create a copy of a notification. (9/6)
  • More granular security that take a user’s site into account when determining which notifications they can manage. (9/6)


  • Ability to show “static” data labels for printing and visibility. (9/6)
  • Rearranged the Report Configuration Tools to emphasize more commonly used items. (9/6)
  • Added report descriptions to tool tip when hovering over the report listing. (9/6)
  • Added option to display only “My Reports” in the report listing. (9/6)
  • Added option to display the name of the report creator in the report listing. (9/6)


Project Management

  • Added support for non alphanumeric characters on master projects. (9/13)


  • Changing the visibility of the chart in the Save dialog was not working correctly. (9/6)

Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

  • Fixed issue where using advanced search might throw error on the page. (9/6)


  • Discussion mentions and people selections now filter on site. (9/6)