RELEASE NOTES FOR September 2022



  • LaunchPadApps – Fix for card borders not showing up (9/9)


  • Controlled Docs – Fixed potential permissions issue when assigning field-level security on the Document Control page (9/30)
  • Notifications – Added full search and filter button to notifications grid (9/30)
  • Custom Data Tracking (CDT) – Fixed search grid on CDT Detail page. Autocomplete now works. (9/30)


  • Improved handling of numeric inputs on task/audit items on mobile. Required fields were not handled correctly when allowing numeric keypad on numeric inputs. (9/9)
  • Task/Audit/PM – Fixed issue with skip logic that would sometimes cause an error on the setup screen. (9/16)


  • Meter – Fixed issue with the “Parent Meter” functionality that was preventing the ability to select a parent meter when setting up equipment meters. (9/16)

Continuous Improvement

  • Goal Board Scheduler – Fixed issue on page where some fields were not saving properly (9/9)




  • Task/Audit/PM – printable task item reports for all modules (9/9)
  • Task/Audit/PM – printable QR codes that start an audit when scanned by a browser enabled device (9/9)
  • Task/Audit/PM – Added search capability and refresh button to task history grids (9/30)
  • Project Audits/PM – Beta feature to warn user if device is offline. User has option to proceed and possibly lose data or cancel action and wait on device to go back online before proceeding (9/30)

Continuous Improvement

  • Goal Board – Releasing a new Dark Mode for goal boards. The selection can be found on the Options button on the goal board (9/9)
  • Goal Board Scheduler – Added Time Zone Offset field to form (9/9)


  • Defect / Scrap Tracking – Added ShiftID as a new field on the Defect form to align with the NCR form. (9/16)