Major Release Notes/Prerequisites for 2020 Updates:

  •  Must install V3.0.2019.1227 prior to any 2020 update
  • Application Server must have .NET 4.8 installed (requires server reboot)
  • IIS must have URL Rewrite 2.0 installed


Integrations / API

  • Integrations – initial release of integrations module.
  • This release includes the BETA version of the iMonnit MINE IoT data collection services and associated device setup pages (contact to learn more)


  • Updated code throughout Thrive to improve control of labels, messages, etc in multiple languages (7/31)


  • Gage Calibrations – added Assignments tab to the calibration detail page for follow up assignments (7/31)

Continuous Improvement

  • Leader Standard Work (7/31)
    • Recurrence has been improved. It now pulls its ‘Recurring’ items from The leader work Setup screen, while still pulling in the latest “Manually” added items on the previous leader work.
    • Added a button to easily see Leader Works from the setup page.
    • Also defaulted page to load the grid of leader standard works if you do not have one that is currently active.



  • Pick List Lookup – improved retrieval of displayed value that impacts some non standard areas of Thrive (7/31)

Form Security

  • Realigned tab ordering sequence to follow the main menu flow (7/31)

Continuous Improvement

  • Leader Standard Work – For Thrive instances starting January 1, 2019 or later the Standard Work Setup Schedule list (Monday – Friday) had additional unrelated items in the list that have now been removed. (7/31)

Custom Data Tracking

  • When selecting custom fields for a custom lookup, the field might appear more than once. Corrected the issue to show the available fields only once. (7/24)


  • Fixed a broken link on the home screen when attempting to open the Report Sharing (7/24) Folder Sharing (7/31)

Project Management

  • Changing the percent complete using the green circle button while in edit mode resulted in a loss of unsaved changes. The Percentage Complete is no longer able to be updated while the form is in edit mode. (7/24)
  • Fixed field properties for

Human Resources

  • On the employee detail page, the employee information section and some tabs of additional data such as Employee Documentation, Time Off, and others are now properly displayed when correct permissions are granted (7/24)


  • Gage Detail – A user’s default filter for gage calibrations was being applied to the Gage Detail History tab – ignoring the default filter on this historical tab to allow correct historical data to be displayed (7/31)
  • NCR – Fixed issue so that when using the COPY NCR feature to allow NCR Type to match the standard NCR form (7/31)


  • Policy and Policy Type – For Thrive instances starting January 1, 2019 or later the Policy form had a few errors with Policy Type, Process, Site, and Department fields. The Site and Department parent child relationship has been restored. The Policy Type and Process fields are now controlled via Picklist management in form security. In the unlikely event that your pick lists on this form do not behave as expected or you are missing your pick list values, contact as it is possible previously established list could have been disturbed but the data still exists. (7/31)