Release Notes for August 2017

New Features

  • Printing is now available on the Requisitions page
  • You can now add drawings and text to images in Incident Investigations


  • Activities section of home screen is now in sync with the user’s assignment count
  • Corrected routing problem when creating a Requisition from a Purchasing Suggestion
  • Exporting in Reporting now works in Chrome.  It continues to work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.
  • Fixed export problem with special ASCII characters
  • No longer need to click twice on Add Item button when performing an Audit in Quality with no items defined
  • Prevented duplicate notifications
  • Removed permissions issue with Requisition Routing Lists
  • Resolved Department ID hyperlink issue in Task Grids
  • Update Employee ID and Update User Account ID now save all records properly
  • Updated Module Reference to Quality from Maintenance for Quality Task Detail
  • Updated Notifications filtering


  • Goalboards are now updated in real time
  • Synchronization between Employee ID and User Accounts ID
  • Upgraded Task Pages from V2 to V3