Release Notes for September 2017

New Features

  • Image attachments can now be edited
  • Real time chat communication


  • Fixed attachment file name issue on the Project Requests screen
  • Fixed loading and search related error in Public Safety Data Sheets
  • Requisition printing not available in list view unless administrator
  • Saved Range values for Task Items that weren’t appearing when editing at a later point
  • Now preventing inactive vendor selection on Requisitions screen
  • Added Requisition Line items back to Advanced Search in Requisitions
  • Fixed Vendor lookup to only show vendors within the Sites that a user has access to (this applies to multi-site Thrive installations)
  • Currency for Mexico was incorrectly identified
  • Address, vendor name, and other information was not always displayed on the Requisition screen


  • All task and audit areas with an updated user interface
  • Added the option to specify “from” addresses when emailing reports
  • Faster status changes on the Requisition List screen
  • Memorizing the last selection on the Requisition List screen
  • Improved Public Safety Data Sheets to incorporate site selection and remove features that are unavailable to public users