Release Notes for October 2017

New Features

  • Beta Version of KPI Tracking Tool to provide KPI metrics for daily trending, with an eye towards expanded functionality and customization in the future


  • Added on screen communication about how Next Start Date is used on PMs and Task Sets
  • Now preventing users from double clicking quick task and accidentally creating two projects


  • Assignments are now correctly marked as Rejected if a project request is rejected
  • Assignments with completion dates now automatically change the status to Complete and Percent Complete to 100%.  This affects Project Follow Up (Assignments), Safety Corrective Actions, Nonconformance Assignments, CI Homework, and Master Project Tasks
  • Description on Task/Audit items now saves correctly when marked as read only
  • Filtering now works as expected for “is blank” and “is not blank” options
  • Image rotation is now handled on all device and OS types (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.)
  • OSHA Log no longer displays repeat entries for a safety incident if the same job code exists on multiple sites