Release Notes for February 2018


  • Drop down menus now feature alternating color-coding for improved item distinction
  • Link handling logic now routes a user to their intended destination if already logged into Thrive
  • Ability to quickly clear inactive employees from the Skills Matrix
  • Faster administrative control panel performance
  • Hazard and Precautionary statements now available on the list of fields on the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) List
  • KPI tracking now available for Message History, Equipment Records, and Thrive Version
  • Assignments, Attachments, and Checklists feature the record count displayed on their respective tab headings
  • Order of calibration data requirements can now be determined via drag and drop ordering
  • Printable gage listing now exists on main Gage screen
  • “Criteria Met” column added to Project Task Items to simplify reporting for Pass / Fail criteria
  • Search fields now order results by items beginning with search term at top of list
  • Search fields option added to specify number of returned results
  • In Gages, a gage marked as “Inactive” cannot be checked out


  • Form Security button is now always visible on child forms
  • In Task Items, images are checked to make sure they are not referenced in another task before deleting
  • Gage Image upload process improved to make sure images upload consistently
  • Time Study form now displays timings even if a carriage return (ENTER) is in the Notes field
  • NCR Assignments open correctly even if accessing the assignment directly
  • Logic for updating gage numbers in Gages is improved
  • Improved File Name handling
  • When creating grid filters, the “Is Between” and “Is Today” filter logic is more robust
  • Dynamic pivot grid now produces results even when not filtering on any other criteria