Release Notes for March 2018


  • Project Follow-Up page now automatically opens when being viewed from an e-mail link
  • Project Management: All Task Items page recognizes new assignment types when they are added
  • Assignments show Open and Complete items (filtering out Closed items)
  • In Form Security, the Default Value allows for more characters (longer default values)
  • In Gages, Job and Parts are now searchable and moveable columns in the Usage / History tab
  • The Control panel now features Debugging, SMS / Text Messaging, Real Time Updates (eg. Discussions), and Active Directory Authentication switches as well as SMTP E-mail Settings
  • New Thrive Logo!


  • In Task Sets, Category can now be saved
  • In Project Management: Project Roles, the process for deleting an employee has been improved
  • The print button window features improved compatibility with Google Chrome
  • Improved Autocomplete filtering based on the site and company in which a user belongs
  • Task file attachments security improved for ease of downloading files
  • Improved compatibility with SQL Server 2005 during updates
  • In Gages, Parts and Jobs are now visible for the Check-In / Check-Out pages
  • In Gages, the last gage location is now automatically selected when checking-in a single gage
  • Project Role binoculars lookup functionality has been improved
  • Project Request approval security improved for project approvals
  • In All Task Items, status now immediately shows “Complete” when percent complete updated to 100%