Release Notes For September 2018

Release Notes For September 2018

Release Notes for September 2018

New Features

  • Part number now in public SDS quick search
  • Real time updating of Checklists on Project Detail pages
  • Easily create a desktop shortcut to Thrive with the click of a button
  • New export feature that allows quick downloading of very large data sets as .CSV
  • Easy copying of requisitions in any state of approval
  • In Form Security, ability to copy selections and settings from an existing role into a new role
  • In Form Security Field Customization, “Field Hints” can be added to so that the purpose of form fields can display as suggested text on the form


  • “My Options” added to the user / account icon as a drop down menu and icon no longer navigates to the home page
  • Improved mobile functionality including button scaling for workflow in productivity tracking and expansion of the list of supported mobile devices 
  • Additional picklists and memos added on the Vendor page
  • Form Security now allows multi-line default values for larger form fields, such as Memo fields
  • “Field Hints” for Field Customizations so that the purpose of form fields can display as suggested text on the form
  • In User Activities, users can now reorder nodes in the Activities tree and Thrive will remember their order
  • Checklists on the Project Detail pages now have a progress bar that allows tracking of completed items
  • Related requests now appear under their respective master projects
  • In GoalBoards, hotkeys can be enabled or disabled via a checkbox option
  • New ability to view the hour by hour progress chart on a Goalboard view
  • In Goalboards, refined support for time zone differences and refined styles
  • Updated home page!
  • Project Detail pages across Thrive now have additional controls and real time update functionality
  • Added additional checklists to Project Detail pages which can now be hidden, collapsed, and refresh items as needed
  • Recordable injury and injury type selection in the Safety Occurrences page no longer change the check box selections on the page
  • Project Detail Checklists now include option to hide or show completed checklists items
  • Updated Communications module to V3 including adding option to search for communications by date range
  • Ability to grant or deny users /roles viability to documents.
  • Locations added to documents
  • Ability to search by location in public documents.
  • Added window for videos that are submitted as documents
  • Policies page updated to V3
  • Add locations to documents
  • Exporting data Thrive-wide is now easier and faster than ever with the addition of a large-format CSV export. The control panel now includes an option to change when to utilize the new large-format export
  • In Equipment Spares, new hyperlink to the last project number
  • In the OSHA 300 log, it is now possible to filter safety incidents by site and by “recordable” flag
  • User field now has binoculars search in User Accounts to make searching for employees easier
  • Database field name included in Field Security to assist with report creation


  • On Goal Boards when editing a detailed defect tracking record, the calculation for total scrap displayed on the main goal board and run details information has been improved
  • Resolved issue causing “Row not found or changed.” message that periodically appeared when saving an employee record
  • Communication detail attachments improved
  • Attachments on the communication page improved to prevent attachments from disappearing from page
  • Prevent duplicate submissions for Time Off Requests
  • Refined workflow for copying existing roles in Thrive
  • Clearer display message after copying requisition to indicate new copy has been created
  • Resolve loading circle not disappearing when creating a new Project
  • In communication page, the type column is no longer a hyperlink and images now show a preview
  • Improved ability of “Public” users to download quality documents
  • News and Events pages link now route to V3
  • Resolve Unapproved and Rejected statuses periodically appearing in Projects instead of Requests lists
  • Improved visibility of users / roles and locations section on documents
  • Ability to save a new location improved when the Cost Center / Work Center was specified
  • SMS users list improved to display all relevant users when searching for or adding users to notifications
  • Checklist checking improved on project pages
  • Thrive now features a daily background process ensuring that discussions related deleted projects are removed
  • Approval screen security improved such that the users who do not have permission cannot see the drop down approval
  • GoalBoard documents link improved to make sure directed to new file
  • Thumbnail Visibility improved when clicking the thumbnail images for Equipment, Gages, and Employees
  • Goalboard color coding logic updated to accurately reflect progress in current mode (ex. Qty vs. Run Rate)
  • Notifications created using the “Admin” account for multi-site companies now show the entire list of companies related to the notification
  • Improvement to security to prevent the modifying of administrator roles & made it easier for users to re-name security roles
  • Update to user permissions for requisition routing lists user account permissions had been granted prior to the May 2017 release of Thrive
  • Filtering on planned maintenance improved
  • Updated permissions for “Public” SDS attachments to view documents
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