Release Notes for November 2018


Audits and Tasks

  • Individual Audit and Task Items can now be flagged as required in order for a Task Set or Audit being performed to be saved.  Also, on the Audit / Task setup page, a checkbox option has been added for all items to be required for that audit or task set.
  • Individual Audit and Task Items can now have a default value which will appear when performing Audits and Task Sets.
  • When creating task items, the “selectable numbers” option now allows a description to be provided along with each number choice to help clarify the number’s meaning.
  • For project requests within Thrive, editing task items now uses the task item wizard just as it does in Projects, making task editing more consistent and convenient.


  • Discussions window is now larger so more messages can be viewed easily.

Human Resources

  • Time off requests, approved, and denied emails can now be customized through user notifications in Thrive.


  • Planned maintenance can be setup to use both time/calendar-based scheduling alongside meter-based scheduling. Which ever schedule is relevant first will generate and update the related schedule (e.g. if a meter reading causes a PM to generate, the calendar scheduling interval will move forward one scheduling interval).


  • Five Why analysis is now available on the NCR page.
  • The ability to have a “related root cause” on corrective actions from the NCR Five Whys analysis has been added.


  • OSHA300A form can be downloaded in CSV format.

Other New Features

  • The ability to pre-define the format of fields is now more robust allowing “input masks” (eg. formatting a field for a phone number) is now available in Thrive form security.



  • In User Accounts Detail, sorting a user’s active roles now works.

Audits and Tasks

  • When performing an Audit or Task Set, the Date Request and Time Request now reflect local time instead of server time.
  • Field names in the audit and task wizards can now be updated in form security.
  • When adding a Task Item or Audit Item using the “Selectable Text” type, the pipe (|) delimiter no longer appears after each item in the list.
  • Location search field was not editable.


  • Legacy Calendar link on the calendar page was not working correctly in some cases.

Company Sites

  • Resolved error when updating Site.

Dashboards / Home Page

  • Company links now resolve properly.


  • Resolved issue where some master project discussion items could be temporarily deleted as part of discussion item clean-up process.

Human Resources

  • Employee grid now filters by site.


  • In Part Detail, improved the page layout so that Part information in the right hand column formats properly.


  • Equipment Spares view updated to show related use for that specific equipment.  It previously could potentially show a recently used spare on equipment used in another plant.


  • Make sure that notifications are visible by users with the appropriate form administration security.


  • The display property for the Employee field on the Project List (Grid) originating from the Equipment/Location section of the project detail form was only showing the Employee ID. The field properties have been updated to also include the employee full name in all project modules.
  • Updated all Project pages so that when a project changed to a status of COMPLETE the Time Complete field is populated with the client device time instead of the server time.  This change only impacts users where the client and server are in different time zones.
  • In Thrive Project Request Detail pages, clicking the “Value” column in the Task Item grid to sort the column no longer results in an error on the page.
  • The status button on the Project Detail page in each project and request detail page of Thrive now displays the status’s longer custom text from form security instead of the shortened value so it will match the status drop down menu.


  • In Gage Calibrations, the Result drop down has been updated so it functions consistently.
  • Gage Calibrations were not correctly filtering for multi-site locations. For example, if user had access to calibrations in Company A, they may also see calibrations within Company B.


  • The recordable injury portion of the OSHA300 log now filters properly.
  • In the OSHA300 log, the years filter now displays each year sequentially.

Other Fixes

  • When clicking on links for Task Sets/Audits/Planned Maintenance the destination was not always correct and has been updated.
  • Column names when exporting were not always correct and has been updated.