Release Notes for December 2018



  • Selecting “All” actives on the calendar will now provide an option to filter on an individual’s assignments in the calendar.


  • Introducing a new page to track machine breakdowns. The list page features a counter starting at the initial reporting of the machine breakdown and a detail screen to see information related to the project.  These pages feature a mobile friendly look with a different feel optimized for maintenance techs working on tablets in comparison to workstation users.


  • The A3 form has now been added to our Quality module. It can be used as its own form and then escalated into an NCR later if desired.

Other New Features

  • Added security measure where only the Thrive Admin account can change the Thrive Admin account password.



  • Filtered users now clear out when you select a different activity.
  • Improved speed and performance on the searching and display.
  • Projects and Gage Calibrations now filter on logged in user.
  • Resolved issue where in certain situations items would not display on the calendar.
  • Assignments will now show who that assignment is for on the calendar.


  • Timestamp now displays correct time based on location / time zone across all discussion items

Goal Boards

  • Previously the goal board hot keys [Enter], [Space Bar], and [+] could all be pressed and held to continuously add units to a goal board. In order to avoid inadvertent “long press” key strokes resulting in additional goal board units, the [Enter] and [Space Bar] were changed to add units on the key up event. The [+] key functionality remains the same so units can be continuously added as long as the [+] is being pressed.

Other Fixes

  • Quality Docs page updated to make sure it always loads properly.
  • Task item ordering improved to make sure ordering always preserved.
  • Resolved issue where in some cases deleting a user account would not result in the account record being fully deleted.
  • Display text for items in lists/grids did not always appear (e.g. the Equipment Description showing along-side the Equipment number in the Projects list).
  • Improvements made to the detecting and handling of rights for Admin roles.
  • Radio buttons can be deselected in certain areas.
  • Dashboard Activities links now work on mobile devices and dragging of items on mobile devices has been disabled.
  • When editing multiple Task Items from within a grid, the task items now save correctly if more than 9 task items exist.