Release Notes for January 2019



  • Added status selection on the parts grid

Human Resources

  • Create revisions of a class with the ability to reset an individual’s training for that class for each revision.
  • The type of class or training can now be altered manually by the user in form security.



  • Attachments now cannot be submitted to Thrive until file(s) have finished uploading preventing errors due to partial uploads
  • Attachment feature updated to work correctly on Class and Training Detail pages


  • Part advanced search has been updated to work properly.
  • Standard production rate, rate type, and standard setup visible on the engineering part page.

User Accounts

  • When clicking the binoculars on the user account page, the employee list now filters employees for that site.

Other Fixes

  • When clicking a customer number link, Thrive correctly redirects to that specific customer.
  • Completed Gage calibrations no longer appear in the Activities section of the new homepage.
  • User options updated to ensure theme match the rest of Thrive and to ensure functionality is working properly.