Release Notes for May 10, 2019 (3.0.2019.510)



  • Part Details – Corrected an issue affecting the visibility of the Standard Production Rate, Rate Type, and Standard Setup fields


  • Customer Links – corrected an issue where Customer Number links could redirect to an incorrect customer when the same Customer Name existed in more than one Thrive Site

Form Security

  • Module Tabs – Corrected an issue affecting the scrolling of the module tabs at the top of the page


The Thrive reporting system received a major upgrade on this release.

A new reporting tool was previously released in a Beta version that was accessible by some users in parallel to the retro reporting tools. The retro reporting tools are being retired with this release and existing reports will be migrated to Thrive V3 Reporting system. All previous links will be redirected to the equivalent V3 report. The new reporting system will offer a significant change in the may that report groups (folders) and security are handled. The starting point with this release will migrate existing reports into folders that match the current report Category (the category historically aligned with the Thrive Module). Report security will also migrate to the new folder structure. After the migration, users with proper security may create new folders for organizing and sharing reports.

The dashboard tool is following a similar migration plan. The new dashboard system will be pre-populated with reports based on the content of the old dashboards created by each user. Due to the increased flexibility of organizing and sizing the items on the new dashboard, users may find it necessary to adjust their new dashboard layouts during their first visit.

Please check Thrive online documentation or contact Lean Tech ( if further information is needed.

Reporting – The list of improvements and features is numerous so be sure to explore your system after reading this to find even more awesome tools

  • Folders – organize reports in a tree view folder system, includes drag and drop
  • Security – establish report or folder level security based on username or security roles (includes ability to have multiple owners so the same report can be managed by more than one person)
  • Graphics – updated graph aesthetics with numerous themes (colors and styles)
  • Goals – added color coded goal bands to charts
  • Field Names – The new reporting provides more consistency of field names and display values with the rest of the Thrive forms throughout the application
  • Multi-axis – charts can now utilize more than one axis to allow information with different y-axis ranges to be viewed on the same chart
  • Report Links – An “Open Reports” link has been added throughout the application on the grid (list) view tool bar. Use the sandwich icon (three bars) on the grid tool bar (not the main menu but the little one just above the data).  The link will filter the report list to the reports with information from similar data sources as the originating page.


  • Dashboard Sharing – added ability to share an entire dashboard (no more sharing a single report to someone else’s dashboard, now you create a dashboard that others can see, your changes are immediately available for others to view)
  • Dashboard Layout – the reports may be any size (drag the corner/edge) – previously only three fixed size
  • Dashboard Management – you can add reports to dashboards from the report editor and save dialogue screen. Additionally, the report tree view allows for drag and drop to the dashboard list