Seth Godin posted that on his blog today.  It may become my new mantra.  When I first started Lean Technologies, I was nervous talking to people because of how small we were (are).  Eventually I realized how smallness is part of my advantage.  In fact, it was the "largeness" of other software companies that got me into this in the first place.  The "largeness" that: couldn’t give me personal service, didn’t know how customers actually used their product, couldn’t implement new features quickly, and couldn’t even understand the problems with their own applications.  All of these are things that are easily accomplished when you’re small.   I realize now how much my customers value these items.  If you want pre-packaged solutions with impersonal service, there are plenty of choices.  If you want someone to build an application who understands your situation, small may well be your best choice.  Check out these guitars, that Seth also refers to, for an example.