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Release Notes October 2017

Release Notes for October 2017

New Features

  • Beta Version of KPI Tracking Tool to provide KPI metrics for daily trending, with an eye towards expanded functionality and customization in the future


  • Added on screen communication about how Next Start Date is used on PMs and Task Sets
  • Now preventing users from double clicking quick task and accidentally creating two projects


  • Assignments are now correctly marked as Rejected if a project request is rejected
  • Assignments with completion dates now automatically change the status to Complete and Percent Complete to 100%.  This affects Project Follow Up (Assignments), Safety Corrective Actions, Nonconformance Assignments, CI Homework, and Master Project Tasks
  • Description on Task/Audit items now saves correctly when marked as read only
  • Filtering now works as expected for “is blank” and “is not blank” options
  • Image rotation is now handled on all device and OS types (Windows, Android, iOS, etc.)
  • OSHA Log no longer displays repeat entries for a safety incident if the same job code exists on multiple sites


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Release Notes September 2017

Release Notes for September 2017

New Features

  • Image attachments can now be edited
  • Real time chat communication


  • Fixed attachment file name issue on the Project Requests screen
  • Fixed loading and search related error in Public Safety Data Sheets
  • Requisition printing not available in list view unless administrator
  • Saved Range values for Task Items that weren’t appearing when editing at a later point
  • Now preventing inactive vendor selection on Requisitions screen
  • Added Requisition Line items back to Advanced Search in Requisitions
  • Fixed Vendor lookup to only show vendors within the Sites that a user has access to (this applies to multi-site Thrive installations)
  • Currency for Mexico was incorrectly identified
  • Address, vendor name, and other information was not always displayed on the Requisition screen


  • All task and audit areas with an updated user interface
  • Added the option to specify “from” addresses when emailing reports
  • Faster status changes on the Requisition List screen
  • Memorizing the last selection on the Requisition List screen
  • Improved Public Safety Data Sheets to incorporate site selection and remove features that are unavailable to public users
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Release Notes August 2017

Release Notes for August 2017

New Features

  • Printing is now available on the Requisitions page
  • You can now add drawings and text to images in Incident Investigations


  • Activities section of home screen is now in sync with the user’s assignment count
  • Corrected routing problem when creating a Requisition from a Purchasing Suggestion
  • Exporting in Reporting now works in Chrome.  It continues to work with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Edge, and Opera.
  • Fixed export problem with special ASCII characters
  • No longer need to click twice on Add Item button when performing an Audit in Quality with no items defined
  • Prevented duplicate notifications
  • Removed permissions issue with Requisition Routing Lists
  • Resolved Department ID hyperlink issue in Task Grids
  • Update Employee ID and Update User Account ID now save all records properly
  • Updated Module Reference to Quality from Maintenance for Quality Task Detail
  • Updated Notifications filtering


  • Goalboards are now updated in real time
  • Synchronization between Employee ID and User Accounts ID
  • Upgraded Task Pages from V2 to V3
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Company Spotlight: Daniel Imoehl (Summer Intern)

DJ Celebrating a Great Summer

The Lean Tech team would like to thank Daniel Imoehl for his contributions to the Thrive Software Platform during his summer internship. Today is DJ’s last official day in the office before his Central College classes start next week. DJ is entering his Junior year as a double major in Computer Science and Physics. His summer projects immersed him in ASP.NET, VB.NET, SQL, and JavaScript where he was able to directly impact Thrive users. In one project he was able to eliminate the need for multiple file cabinets of packing slips by creating a searchable index of scanned packing slips reducing storage space and requests for copies by providing a self service lookup webpage. Another project we are super excited to be rolling out soon is adding the ability to mark up image files directly in Thrive. This feature is going to take current tools like NCR tracking, Safety Management, and Maintenance Work Orders to the next level!

DJ had this to say about his summer internship as his pending return to school nears, “My favorite moment was seeing people use the parts of Thrive that I have coded. No longer does my code sit in a random folder and never get used again after I have turned it in; it will be used almost everyday. Going back to school, I look forward to seeing all of my friends again, getting back to the grind, and the challenges this semester will bring. With physics, chemistry, and computer science classes, there will be no shortage of those.”


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