Thrive Videos

Get to know Thrive.

Jamie takes us through a brief overview of Thrive, how it can complement your ERP, and how Thrive allows for custom process tracking that meets your business needs.

Spreadsheet chaos? We’ll reduce that.

Most data tracking and reporting creates one thing: process waste. Learn how Thrive transforms data into actionable insights.

Is Thrive right for me?

Scott shares the ideal Thrive customer that will see the most immediate success with an Thrive implementation in their plant.

Process gaps? We’ll close the loop.

Discover the Thrive functions and features that help you manage, track and close the loop within key manufacturing processes.

Lean Technologies is your partner.

Our priority at Lean Technologies is to partner with our customers to help them to be successful with the software long after the sale.

Thrive aligns to your best processes.

Forget about changing your processes to fit a software’s confines. Define your best process and Thrive aligns to that process.

ERP pain? We’ll put an end to it.

Thrive isn’t an ERP. Thrive complements your ERP. We’ll break it down like this: Your ERP tracks financials, while Thrive manages processes within your operations.

Why Thrive?

Thrive was created to overcome these common issues that create waste on the manufacturing shopfloor.

Unlimited Users, Really?

Thrive pricing is different from the industry standard user-based licensing. Hear why.

Thrive fitting into Industry 4.0.

Scott shares the ways that Thrive helps to fit your plant into Industry 4.0 strategies for improvement.

Don’t just take our word for it, hear what these Thrive users have to say.

Thrive exists to assist people like you solve problems. Watch this playlist to hear how other users have overcome the systems challenges by deploying Thrive to enhance their process management.

Thrive Implementation FAQ’s.

Jamie gives a brief overview of what a Thrive implementation typically looks like at your plant.

The reporting module.

Regardless of your manufacturing needs, the Thrive reporting module is a powerful tool to turn data into actionable information. See how.

Thrive Maintenance.

See how Thrive Maintenance enables your team to stay up with equipment needs seamlessly.

Thrive Safety.

Got safety on the mind? See how Thrive Safety allows you to deal with incidents, save all your safety documentation and lead your team to safe operating procedures.

Thrive Quality.

Explore Thrive Quality with this brief overview that shows how Thrive allows your team to make its best product.

Thrive Continuous Improvement.

Learn how Thrive Continuous Improvement allows you to track team members and processes against your targets and goals.

Thrive HR.

A good process starts with People. See how Thrive HR can help you stay up to date on training, track time off requests, projects, audits, and more.

Thrive Module Overview Playlist.

Safety. Quality. Reporting. Continuous improvement. Maintenance. Meet the modules that allow you to take control of your shop floor processes.

Founder Fun. Just because.

One of our awesome developers, Ryan, makes life-size light sabers as a hobby on the side. Scott gets some practice in between shoots on his custom model.

Cheesy commercials. Not for real, people.

After a day of filming the Lean Tech employees are having some fun with their creativity and respect for a good pun.

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