Tom Peters has interesting insights.  Yesterday’s blog entry and included "book" is no different.  He has called his "book" (that’s not a book) "Excellence for ‘The Rest of Us’: A ‘Book’ for ‘Real People’, Working in ‘The Real World’ in 2008".  In it, he contrasts what business "gurus" (like himself) often focus on compared to the reality that most of the world of people lives in.  He focuses on the "realities that determine what I call ‘the missing 98 percent’—that is the messy ‘human reality’ ‘on the ground’ that is the essence of success or failure in getting things done."

Here’s a sample of how he compares the guru advice versus the real world (RW):

Guru focus: Totally “new rules for a new game,” dramatic new “management tools” that “change everything.”

RW: Most of us are learning new things, but nothing that’s particularly “revolutionary” as we labor mightily (full time) “just” to “get stuff done,” improve relationships, find good folks and keep ’em by showing appreciation and respect, and providing opportunities to get ahead.

I haven’t finished it yet, but it’s already interesting…check it out!