Surprisingly great example of how to treat customers (thanks to Evolving Excellence)…surprising because it is coming out of the airline industry.  Some true servant leadership is being displayed by United Airlines captain Denny Flanagan.  Imagine being stuck at the airport and having the captain buy you lunch?  (insert your own joke about pigs flying here).

An example of un-servant leadership (?) (disservice leadership?) was displayed here.  This is a situation that should have every business saying, "make sure we never put someone through this."  (it’s all about micro-interactions, right?)

And, for more info on how to succeed in providing a positive customer experience, check out this free pamphlet-book-handout thingy (only 12 pages): "The 6 Laws of Customer Experience: The Fundamental Truths that Define how Organizations Treat Customers".  One item author Bruce Temkin discusses in this booklet is the importance of everyone in an organization understanding customers:

Since many of the decisions that impact customers aren’t debated or discussed, they just happen, it helps for as many people as possible to understand customers.

And continuing my stream-of-consciousness, Bruce’s discussion reminded me of this white paper (Zero Time Thinking), which I read nearly eight years ago, about "zero-time" organizations, which are capable (empowered) to bring all necessary resources to bear on any situation to solve problems or customer needs.

How about that for an onslaught of customer experience thoughts!