Company Spotlight: Daniel Imoehl (Summer Intern)

DJ Celebrating a Great Summer The Lean Tech team would like to thank Daniel Imoehl for his contributions to the Thrive Software Platform during his summer internship. Today is DJ's last official day in the office before his Central College classes start next week. DJ is entering his Junior year as a double [...]

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Join Lean Technologies (Thrive) for Shingo Institute Training in Phoenix on January 12 & 13, 2017

Key Performance Consulting is proud to be a licensed affiliate of The Shingo Institute, home of the Shingo Prize. We are happy to announce that in collaboration with the ASSA ABLOY EMS & OEM Group and Lean Technologies (Thrive operations platform), we will be offering the DISCOVER EXCELLENCE on January 12th & 13th , 2017 [...]

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When all else fails, be brutally honest

At LeanTech, we recently signed up for Office 365 (as a side note, I didn't think I'd find myself back in Office products...was trying to go all in with Google apps, but it's really turned out to be a great experience...except for OneDrive for Business, which is a complete mess).  Kale was working on getting [...]

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“We are not here to make money”

One of my favorite segments from Paul Akers' 2 Second Lean book. Perhaps one of the most controversial concepts I push is that we are not here to make money. Profit and money are a by-product of an effective Lean culture. We are here first and foremost to improve the quality of the customer’s life. Internally, we are here [...]

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Archive: Thrive Demo Invite

This invitation has expired. If you would like to schedule a Live Demo, send an email to You are invited to spend an hour with Jamie Gyolai and Kale Sparling to get a glimpse of how Thrive can assist your operation in moving forward on the lean journey. Is your operation missing a centralized [...]

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Archive: Thrive Demo Invite

This invitation has expired. If you would like to schedule a Live Demo, send an email to Thrive is a software developed on the shop floor for the shop floor. Need a solution to your data and document management headaches? Thinking about installing Thrive but want a chance to ask questions about a feature? [...]

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Spreadsheet Chaos?

[fivecol_two] [/fivecol_two][fivecol_three_last]     Panicked Employee to IT: "I have lost my Excel document….can you recover it?" Hopeful Leader: "I think we are doing well, but I will know for sure when we get the numbers at the end of the month." Puzzled Employee to Boss: "I know I updated the graph with the [...]

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E.R.P. Pain?

[fivecol_three] Thrive is not an ERP.  It complements your ERP  to accomplish your shopfloor goals! Thrive vs. an ERP? An ERP is designed to manage financial data while Thrive is designed to manage your shopfloor processes. We like to say the ERP tracks the money and Thrive helps make the money. We are shopfloor people who designed a [...]

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