What is Thrive?

Thrive tracks, monitors and reports on everything you care about in your manufacturing organization. This tool is your one-stop-shop for collecting all that data important to your business and makes it easy to actually use that data — for smart decision making.  Because let’s be frank, that data you are collecting in a dozen different places without Thrive isn’t achieving what you need for your business.

Harness the do-it-yourself power of Thrive.

Gone are the days that you need to learn and relearn — and relearn again — your manufacturing software tool. You’ll learn Thrive quickly, the first time. We promise. Your teammates will learn Thrive quickly, too. We’ll set you up with all you need to make this software work for your company, easily and seamlessly.

  • Central hub for all data
  • Web-based and mobile-friendly
  • Real-time dashboard
  • Built-in reporting tool
  • Sharable reports and action items
  • Built-in escalation tool with oversight to workflow
  • Action-item notifications
  • ERP and machine integration

Thrive Key Built-In Modules


Thrive transforms data from hard numbers to insightful, actionable information. The reporting module will allow you to easily create graphs, charts and other visual reports from your data. No more wading through spreadsheets. No more wasting hours to make a report. No more decisions made without a solid foundation. What else?

  • Hundreds of standard charts built into the software to save you time and to make anyone in your company an expert at building reports
  • Easy-to-use chart wizard to create custom reports
  • Sharable reports between your team dashboards and others in your organization
  • Deeper insights into data with the chart drill-down feature, in which you can click on specific areas of reports to discover how you can realize better efficiency or more profit
  • Export options to share reports with suppliers or outside contacts


Thrive’s maintenance module will keep your maintenance team on the same page, your maintenance schedules routine, and your equipment rumbling the good rumble and performing better than ever. What else can you expect?

  • A full CMMS (computerized maintenance management system) built in, at no extra cost
  • Workflow tracking for work requests and preventive maintenance to improve efficiency and reduce repair costs
  • Equipment asset tracking and part tracking to reduce equipment downtime and ensure productivity
  • Operator notifications for tooling checks and replacements for improved performance and reduced downtime
  • Mobile-capable platform, so team members can track, monitor and report in real-time, on-site
  • Equipment history tracked by area, operator and job for easy analysis and reporting
  • Improvements and issues reporting
  • Regimented maintenance schedule that you can analyze costs and benefits against for increased ROI on equipment and resale value


With Thrive, you’ll be able to identify, track and fix safety issues; store safety documentation and safe operating procedures — all in one place, accessible to your whole team, department and organization — and quantify any of your investments in safety improvements. Focus on productivity, while sending your employees home safe and sound each night.

  • Ensure safety concerns are seen to with accident investigation workflow tracking and automatic OSHA form 300 generation
  • Provide easy access and organization to all safety documentation, including safety data sheets (SDS), safe operating procedures (SOP), accident investigations, and training and audits
  • Track workflow of safety-related projects, including employee feedback, assigning work and closing the loop, and reporting on improvements, issues and history
  • Collaborate between employees and managers to identify workplace safety issues and generate strategies to reduce or eliminate the issues
  • Quantify safety investments with reports and insights on reduced worker compensation, reduced health insurance claims and reduced worker downtime

Continuous Improvement

Thrive’s continuous improvement module allows you to eliminate waste from every corner of your manufacturing organization. With a nod to lean manufacturing philosophy, Thrive gives you the tools to identify and act on improvement opportunities, track production, set and share visual goals, track event management and more — to improve efficiency, teamwork, capacity and productivity.

  • Track continuous improvement projects, with tools like events and event follow-up, time studies, cycle time analysis, close loop tracking and reporting
  • Generate and share between team members goal boards, for real-time data management and to set expectations for your whole team
  • Use dashboard summaries for management, which can provide text or email alerts when production operation is inefficient, as well as link to your ERP
  • Communicate with cross-functional requests, dual visibility between team members
  • Keep employee documentation, one-on-one meetings and shop floor metrics in one place, for anyone with permissions to access


Quality issues, customer complaints, production issues — oh my! Thrive quality module is your yellow brick road away from quality issues by tracking product quality, gauging equipment calibration and managing production efficiently. How?

  • Track workflow within your team by gauge R&R, non-conformance oversight, defect tracking, calibrations, capability studies to improve process control
  • Input real-time, point-of-use documentation of quality checks (with images), first part inspections and part evaluations
  • Store training and audits history by area, operator and job
  • Assign quality inspections, investigations and improvements and track and report outcomes for improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduce warranty claims, waste and rework with oversight of all quality processes

Thrive built-in modules come standard. You can personalize each module to your manufacturing organization’s unique needs. If that’s not enough, we can even build custom modules just for you. We’re happy to do it.

We call it like it is:
Thrive helps your business thrive

Capture shop floor data and processes in one place.
Turn that data into actionable information — with easy to create and read reports.
Track workflow of yesterday and today to proactively look ahead to tomorrow.
Then watch your business Thrive.

How Thrive Works

Work: Simplified

Thrive is a software platform with unlimited capabilities, customizable to your manufacturing organization. Use one module or use all five. Personalize the modules to your specific needs. This tool is yours.

Unlimited? You ask. We dare you to find a limiting feature — and to let us know. We’ll work with you until Thrive is everything you need it to be in order for your manufacturing business to, you know, thrive.

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Spreadsheet chaos? We’ll reduce that.

Most data tracking and reporting creates one thing: process waste. Learn how Thrive transforms data into actionable insights.

Process gaps? We’ll close the loop.

Discover the Thrive functions and features that help you manage, track and close the loop within key manufacturing processes.

ERP pain? We’ll put an end to it.

Thrive isn’t an ERP. Thrive complements your ERP. We’ll break it down like this: Your ERP tracks financials, while Thrive manages processes within your operations.

This is a match made in manufacturing.

You can expect Thrive to already come with powerful, valuable modules right out of the box, because it does. But if there’s something you need customized, our team of software movers and shakers will work off the strong Thrive foundation to quickly and easily provide you with a customizable solution. And this tool is intuitive enough that we set you up to modify things without our help.

Now we’re speaking the same language.

Forget about finding a software tool to track, manage and report on all the separate parts of your manufacturing process and organization. Thrive is your all-in-one tool that will keep you, your team, your department and your entire organization on the same page, accessing the same data and effectively communicating — for process, productivity and profit.

My, you’re looking lean these days.

Thrive is more than a lean manufacturing tool — but its easy-to-use and share reports, its goal-setting features, and its oversight to productivity and profits helps you lead your manufacturing plant to a lean manufacturing culture and save money. What more can you want? Oh that. We’ve probably provided that, too. And if not, we’d be happy to have Thrive do it.

Let’s get a little personal with our software.

You can personalize your own dashboard, the modules you need for your manufacturing organization, as well as rename fields, forms and reports. Thrive is your tool. Thrive is your organization’s tool. You have the power to make it what you need it to be.

Introduce your ERP to a new buddy.

Thrive is not an ERP — but Thrive can be your ERP’s best buddy. While your ERP tracks and manages financial data, Thrive helps you manage shop floor data and processes — which helps you save money and make more money. We think that’s what people mean when they say win-win.

Brought to you by Lean Technologies.

Lean Technologies brings together a group of software developers, dreamers and doers who know manufacturing pains — firsthand — and have discovered a solution to those pains and a solution that will help you gain. They called that solution Thrive, and it’s what they want to see your manufacturing operations do.

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They Thrive, find out why

Video Testimonial
These Thrivers have maximized and customized Thrive to meet their operational needs. Learn how you can too.

Thrive has enabled us to get aligned, shed several disconnected applications and eliminate wasteful administrative tasks. This software provides simple solutions.

Kevin Lillo
VP of Manufacturing, Intek

The investment in tools like Thrive for a common communication platform is evidence of the organization’s commitment to “….a dedicated focus on continual improvement” as stated in your Quality Policy.

ISO Audit Feedback

This software helps control and keeps track of: Nonconformances, preventive maintenance, calibration, gage check-out and check-in, training, audits – you name it.

Quality Assurance Team
The Specialty Manufacturing Co.

Thrive creates a common repository for process, and organizational information. Where Thrive really adds value, however, is its flexible and highly intuitive nature. These attributes allow end users at all levels to turn information that’s important to them into actionable information.

Dave Swenson, CRMP
Process Reliability

Having a common hub to capture critical information and to report real-time results that are relevant for making decisions and driving improvement across our entire organization— that’s the strength of Thrive. It’s making it easy to get to the data that’s important to you when you need it so you can use that information to target improvement opportunities, prioritize action, and measure the results.

Fred Earley
Senior EH&S Manager, Global Compliance Assurance, Vermeer Corporation

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