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Hello Thrive Fans (or soon to be fans), We are working on ways to stay connected and keep you updated on the latest Thrive developments, events, and training opportunities. You can expect to receive the same level of personalized customer service that we have always strived to provide. However, we think you will find value [...]

Health care: Little House on the Prairie style

Remember when Dr. Baker on Little House on the Prairie went to the homes of the people who were ill?  That would never work today, would it? Well don't tell Jay Parkinson that.  When he finished residency, he was determined to revolutionize health care by personalizing it.  Here's some of what he has to say: [...]

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The importance of customer empathy

An importance emphasis in lean is a focus on the customer.  Dev Patnaik has released a book called "Wired to Care: How Companies Prosper When They Create Widespread Empathy" (web site, book).  I've just read one of the sample chapters online (introduction), and in that section highlights how the bigger an organization gets, the more [...]

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Unto the least of these…

Surprisingly great example of how to treat customers (thanks to Evolving Excellence)...surprising because it is coming out of the airline industry.  Some true servant leadership is being displayed by United Airlines captain Denny Flanagan.  Imagine being stuck at the airport and having the captain buy you lunch?  (insert your own joke about pigs flying here). [...]

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Value your customers…and mean it

I just received an email in my inbox regarding a (complimentary) magazine subscription that states: You have been part of a select group of senior IT professionals who rely on [Magazine Name] to bring them 50 issues per year loaded with unique editorial and in-depth analysis for business technology buyers. Okay, so how big is [...]

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Customer Experience Rant

I'd better take a deep breath. And before I go into my experience, suffice it to say that I did fill out a feedback form on the company web site, so I am at least trying to do due diligence in giving them an opportunity to improve. But some of these opportunities for improvement seem [...]

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