Problem Solving 101

Dan Roam of "The Back of the Napkin Blog" discusses a new book on his blog called Problem Solving 101 by Ken Watanabe.  The book was originally written in Japanese, but after great success in Japan there is now an English version selling in the US.  Here's a brief snippet from the book's web site: [...]

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Lean operations is like wingsuit base jumping

What?!  Yeah, okay, maybe it's a stretch.  But bear with me.  Maybe I was desperately searching for a way to include this cool video, but if nothing else, you'll get to see a really cool video. wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo. In lean manufacturing, people talk about "lowering the water level" by minimizing [...]

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Stop and smell the roses

Would you stop to listen to a musician who commands $1,000 per minute?  Really?  For the answer on how over 1,000 other people responded read this absolutely fascinating article.  Pretty interesting snapshot of our culture, our busy-ness, our priorities, and our appreciation for beauty.  Allow yourself some time...the article is not brief. The article also [...]

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