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Hello Thrive Fans (or soon to be fans), We are working on ways to stay connected and keep you updated on the latest Thrive developments, events, and training opportunities. You can expect to receive the same level of personalized customer service that we have always strived to provide. However, we think you will find value [...]

Need a robust process? How about starting with a checklist

robust [roh-buhst]: strongly or stoutly built. checklist [chek-list]: a list of items. Struggling to create a process that produces a quality end product every time? Something as simple as a checklist may be your starting point.  It apparently has worked for hotels.  If you’ve heard about Peter Pronovost, then you’ll know the value it has [...]

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Thrive software referenced in ISO audit in a positive light!

Had to add "in a positive light" because being mentioned in an ISO audit may not be a good thing, but in this case it definitely was.  For those wondering about how Thrive can support your ISO certification, it is definitely a "value add".  Here's what was said in a recent audit: The investment in [...]

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Lest we forget…humans solve problems

Great quote I just read in "Lean Enterprise Systems: Using IT for Continuous Improvement" authored by Steve Bell (I downloaded the pdf version, but can't seem to remember from where right now): "Society has reached the point where one can push a button and be immediately deluged with technical and managerial information. This is all [...]

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Software doesn’t innovate, software doesn’t make decisions

...and software can't manage people.  This is the tag-line for our Thrive product.  Why?  Because this is true.  Software by itself typically adds no value to the process it is analyzing (this is a very scary thing for a software vendor to say!).  It is the interaction with software...the entering of data, the analysis of [...]

Digital waste

I LOVE this article. In my opinion brilliant. And I’m sure when I get around to reading it, I will love this book as well. Tom Peters talked about the author, Mark Hurst, on his blog today.  Mark Hurst is the author of the book and founded the company Creative Good. The article deals primarily [...]

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