Lean learning, JIT education, or trial by fire

Was reading Jim Womack's latest newsletter yesterday from LEI (linked newsletter content is blank right now, there was a snafu sending out email newsletter also, will probably be fixed later).  In it he discusses the challenge of developing lean leaders, both in the "real world" and through the education system. Where do the lean managers [...]

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Leaving an impact on Stupid, Ace, and Meathead

Cannon gave me a D-, and it was honestly the best D- I ever recieved. Godspeed Lars. The education world will miss you. --From Larry Cannon's on-line guest book.  Hard to believe a statement like that could be heart-warming.  If you knew my high school physics teacher Larry Cannon, it would make sense, though.  He [...]

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For the love of learning

I suffer from a problem.  I love learning.  And I love learning about anything.  Which puts me in the over-used category of "jack of all trades, master of none."  My knowledge probably generally goes very wide instead of deep.  At least not as deep as I would like. I love programming and solving peoples' problems [...]

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Stop and smell the roses

Would you stop to listen to a musician who commands $1,000 per minute?  Really?  For the answer on how over 1,000 other people responded read this absolutely fascinating article.  Pretty interesting snapshot of our culture, our busy-ness, our priorities, and our appreciation for beauty.  Allow yourself some time...the article is not brief. The article also [...]

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The Incompetence Ratio America must be really high.  Some businesses count on it.  Credit card companies thrive on it.  They are hoping that people are so incompetent that they will not be able to pay in a timely fashion and can collect more money in the long run.  They are hoping for people who are bad stewards [...]

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Tom Peters getting real

Tom Peters has interesting insights.  Yesterday's blog entry and included "book" is no different.  He has called his "book" (that's not a book) "Excellence for 'The Rest of Us': A 'Book' for 'Real People', Working in 'The Real World' in 2008".  In it, he contrasts what business "gurus" (like himself) often focus on compared to [...]

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Alltop: do you really like staring at a magazine rack?

Maybe you've heard of it, maybe you haven't.  Guy Kawasaki (author of one of my favorite books, The Art of the Start) recently launched, which he has branded as "the online magazine rack" for information from the "top publications and blogs".  I'm sure in a lot of circles (okay, maybe most circles), there has [...]

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