We Thrive. ASSA ABLOY EMS in Phoenix

At Lean Technologies, we are focused on solving customer problems and providing year over year value to client organizations. One such client is ASSA ABLOY where we work with a number of the North America sites. Although the name ASSA ABLOY may not yet be a household name in North America, you are likely to [...]

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Heads up, your business may be drowning

My friend Sam Duregger (@duregger) pointed me to an article about the obsessive-ness people have developed with their smartphones. The article opens with a story about a man who was so engaged with his smartphone he didn’t notice the bathtub water he was filling for his daughter was overflowing onto the floor.  Why is this [...]

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Lean operations is like wingsuit base jumping

What?!  Yeah, okay, maybe it's a stretch.  But bear with me.  Maybe I was desperately searching for a way to include this cool video, but if nothing else, you'll get to see a really cool video. wingsuit base jumping from Ali on Vimeo. In lean manufacturing, people talk about "lowering the water level" by minimizing [...]

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Lean people on Twitter, anyone up for FriendFeed?

Hopefully making for some more useful conversation, I'm starting to find some more lean people on Twitter.  I'm starting to connect with people around the world that I otherwise would never meet.  Here they are in no particular order: Mark Graban:  His focus is on healthcare and you can also read his blog here: [...]

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Friday Lean and Manufacturing Rundown

Lean Enterprise Institute has a blog now.  I was waiting for them to start one up.  John Shook is the primary author (maybe only?).  You can find it at Just before Thanksgiving, Kevin Meyer shared this great post (and I've been passing along to others) on how American Apparel continues to succeed.  On a [...]

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Thrive software referenced in ISO audit in a positive light!

Had to add "in a positive light" because being mentioned in an ISO audit may not be a good thing, but in this case it definitely was.  For those wondering about how Thrive can support your ISO certification, it is definitely a "value add".  Here's what was said in a recent audit: The investment in [...]

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