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Hello Thrive Fans (or soon to be fans), We are working on ways to stay connected and keep you updated on the latest Thrive developments, events, and training opportunities. You can expect to receive the same level of personalized customer service that we have always strived to provide. However, we think you will find value [...]

Company Spotlight: Daniel Imoehl (Summer Intern)

DJ Celebrating a Great Summer The Lean Tech team would like to thank Daniel Imoehl for his contributions to the Thrive Software Platform during his summer internship. Today is DJ's last official day in the office before his Central College classes start next week. DJ is entering his Junior year as a double [...]

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More Lean in Iowa Government

Is Iowa the only state with a concerted, identified effort to improved quality, cost, and service, even having a “Lean Day Proclomation”?  Just read a post from Jamie Flinchbaugh on Mark Graban’s blog.  Jamie will be speaking at the Lean Government Exchange in June in Des Moines, IA.  Glad to see Iowa government continuing to [...]

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Things are looking up: a Friday roundup

Seems to me that “Depression 2.0” never happened, and probably isn’t likely to. On the Forbes DigitalRules blog, Twenty Reasons for Optimism. On the Value Acceleration blog, Mitch has noticed busy airports and cities. And what’s fueling the turn around?  Innovative people like Jeremy Parker, who’s story is told on Mark Cuban’s blog. I like [...]

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Problem Solving 101

Dan Roam of "The Back of the Napkin Blog" discusses a new book on his blog called Problem Solving 101 by Ken Watanabe.  The book was originally written in Japanese, but after great success in Japan there is now an English version selling in the US.  Here's a brief snippet from the book's web site: [...]

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Lean learning, JIT education, or trial by fire

Was reading Jim Womack's latest newsletter yesterday from LEI (linked newsletter content is blank right now, there was a snafu sending out email newsletter also, will probably be fixed later).  In it he discusses the challenge of developing lean leaders, both in the "real world" and through the education system. Where do the lean managers [...]

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