Thrive comes standard with six modules: Maintenance, Safety, Continuous Improvement, Quality, Human Resources, and Project Management.   Each of the modules comes with ALL Thrive tools and functionality like reporting, calendar, notifications, dashboards, messaging, escalations, security, personalization, etc. You buy Thrive, you get it all!  To dig deeper into each of these modules check out the drop down menu in the header to navigate to module pages that highlights functionality and tools found in each Thrive module.   Our Thrive Resources page gives an overview listing of tools within each of the Thrive modules.  If you prefer to watch Jamie navigate a quick overview of each of our modules watch the videos below:

Thrive Maintenance Overview Video

Thrive Safety Overview Video

Thrive CI Overview Video

Thrive Quality Overview Video

Thrive HR Overview Video

Thrive Project Management Overview Video (coming soon)