Do you have a Thrive App?

Does it work on your phone? Absolutely. Do you have to download something from an app store? No. Thrive is designed to work on your browser across all different device form factors, and without sacrificing functionality as you move from one device to another. Upload pictures, complete tasks, open reports, all on your mobile device.

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What can we expect for an ROI?

This is a deep question that people want a simple answer for.  We can share numbers, but it goes back to our philosophy that software is not your solution.  It is a tool for the right people who have a process they are wanting to improve.  So, depending the amount of current waste in your process your opportunity may be great, or you might just track a bunch of data and do nothing with it.  We have seen companies improve line efficiency by 40% in 3 months, but the software alone didn’t do that.  We are happy to visit about the details of your process and goals during a demo to help build an ROI with you.  A visit with some current Thrive users will also help you nail down your cost justification. 

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How much does Thrive cost?

We are not afraid to share our pricing, in fact, we think you deserve to learn this right away when checking out a software solution. Thrive pricing is simple- you buy Thrive, you get Thrive for your whole company. What does that mean?  This means that you can create an unlimited number of individual Thrive accounts for all of your people that want to get into Thrive–from operators all the way to the front office. Our goal is to get Thrive working for you, not you having to change your pricing structure every time you want to buy another seat for a user or sacrifice individual account preferences by sharing accounts.  We want the visibility, organization and accountability that you get with Thrive to be able to be extended to every single person in your organization that will benefit from this and the best way to do this is to give Thrive access to all.  We have an easy pricing structure that is spelled out clearly on our pricing table found halfway down our Homepage. 


Thrive Pricing Philosophy Video

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Is Thrive an on-premise software solution or software as a service?

Thrive is installed as an on-premise (behind your firewall) solution for some companies and a software as a service (SAAS – hosted site) for other companies.   Whether we host Thrive for you in the cloud, or we install it on-premise, Thrive will be identical in its features, tools, and functionality.  You pick the option that is best for your operations and pricing structure.  Hosting pricing will be an monthly subscription which includes technical support and forever updates and upgrades.  The on-premise installation is a one-time purchase with annual maintenance for technical support and forever updates and upgrades.  Please see pricing table on our Homepage to see our Thrive pricing.

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