Great quote I just read in “Lean Enterprise Systems: Using IT for Continuous Improvement” authored by Steve Bell (I downloaded the pdf version, but can’t seem to remember from where right now):

“Society has reached the point where one can push a button and be immediately deluged with technical and managerial information. This is all very convenient, of course, but if one is not careful there is a danger of losing the ability to think. We must remember that in the end it is the individual human being who must solve the problems.” Eiji Toyoda, 1983

(emphasis mine) I love this because it resonates with the Thrive tagline of “Software doesn’t innovate. Software doesn’t make decisions. Software can’t manage people.”  The software does not solve the problems.  The software improves your ability to solve the problems.  Even if you want to argue that software does solve problems, it is only because we humans built the formula/algorithm to solve the problem…so it still goes back to people.

Considering I haven’t made it past the opening quote and I’m already referencing the book, I suspect I might like it.