RELEASE NOTES FOR September 2021


Continuous Improvement

  • Leader Standard Work – Can now collapse items that have an apostrophe in the name. (9/10)


  • Launch Pad – Resourcified Launch Pads. Fixed a CSS styling issue related to Telerik controls upgrade. (9/10)
  • Launch Pad – The Home Launch Pad can now be edited if a role/user permissions was given to it. (9/17)


  • In Parts, when adding equipment to a Purchased Part, the field was missing the equipment description so the search was only showing the equipment number. (9/03)
  • On the Inventory on Hand page, the manufacturer field now displays the manufacturer’s name along with the ID for improved display and searching. (9/17)
  • Cycle Counting – Make sure the columns in cycle counting detail are wide enough to show all of the part data. (9/17)


  • Spare Parts – The Part Number list in the spare parts set up form was showing/searching only the part number. The part description has now been added as well. (9/10)

Project Management

  • Fixed edit button styling on request pages with task items (9/10)
  • For all tasks / audits, when entering numeric values the displayed values was rounded to two decimals. The value will now show as entered. (9/17)
  • On project list pages, the Assignments fields would appear twice in the “Advanced Search’ field lookup. (9/24)


  • Fixed issue where A3 Log Discussions icon on the list page may not show that a discussion exists even though one or more appears in the detail page. (9/17)
  • For NCR’s, when emailing a single nonconformance report from the nonconformance page, the attached file name will include the NCR number.  (9/17)



Human Resources

  • When scanning employees into training, it will now use the default value in form security to determine whether they are scanned in as Pass or Fail. (9/03)


  • In Parts, Additional Part Label Printing Option for roll of 2 x 1 labels.  This is now the default option. (9/03)
  • On Hand Inventory – Added Part Manufacturer to the list of read only fields for the grid and search. (9/10)

Project Management

  • Audit/Task/Preventative Maintenance – Adding Skip Logic feature to task/audit questions. This feature allows questions to be skipped/shown/hidden based on the response to a prior question. (9/10)
  • Completed By field has been added to the major project and project detail pages and is automatically populated when a project is set to complete. (9/24)

Continuous Improvement

  • Leader Standard Work – Added ability to edit rows that the user has manually added. (9/10)
  • Leader Standard Work now has the ability to enter notes for each line item. (9/17)