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Waste in Data Collection

Thrive Continuous Improvement

Thrive’s continuous improvement module allows you to eliminate waste from your manufacturing organization. Using lean manufacturing philosophy, Thrive gives you the tools to identify and act on improvement opportunities, track production, set and share visual goals, track event management and more — to improve efficiency, teamwork, capacity and productivity.

  • Track continuous improvement projects, with tools like events and event follow-up, time studies, cycle time analysis, close loop tracking and reporting

  • Generate and share between team members goal boards, for real-time data management and to set expectations for your whole team

  • Use dashboard summaries for management, which can provide text or email alerts when production operation is inefficient, as well as link to your ERP

  • Communicate with cross-functional requests, dual visibility between team members

  • Keep employee documentation, one-on-one meetings and shop floor metrics in one place, for anyone with permissions to access


What’s Included:

  • Performance/Goal boards

  • Event management

  • Time studies

  • Leader Standard Work

  • Kanban Board Tool

  • A3 Template

  • Audits

  • All Thrive reporting, escalations, notifications, and security options

Thrive for Life:

Unlimited users.  All modules.  Version upgrades.

Companies big and small we partner with:

Thrive implementation was a lot easier than I thought something like this would be- I would go as far to say it’s been seamless.

With Thrive, once a month I pull up my dashboard and grab a snapshot of my graph which takes me 5 minutes compared to my 3-6 hours of admin time to get this data before Thrive.

We definitely have streamlined the effectiveness and efficiency of many of our business processes through our utilization of Thrive.

Having a common hub to capture critical information and to report real-time results that are relevant for making decisions and driving improvement across our entire organization— that’s the strength of Thrive.

Thrive allows me to work more efficiently and more effecively in analyzing how we are doing overall as a production team.

Thrive is one of the most affordable, flexible, and low maintenance systems I have seen.  It is a truly a great product.